Student work


I was inspired by film “Planet Earth”, so I decided to create my typeface about this topic. Pictures that I have taken in Scotland became structure for the typeface. My outcomes mostly look very natural and repeat this theme, I also tried to discover another themes, where my typeface would look appropriate.
I understood that even very strange typeface with particular structure can be used for wide range of needs.




Other Works

  1. What if we could stop time
  2. Compassion (illustration book)
  3. Bakers' street cakes (design, packaging)
  4. Your photo
  5. Professor
  6. Bakers' street concept
  7. Bakers' street calendar
  8. Design pattern (competition
    Cath Kidston)
  9. Drawings
  10. Work on TV channels
  11. Advertisings in magazines
  12. Title sequences (Harvey)
  13. Web-site (Bakers' street)
  14. The oldest places project
  15. Typeface project
  16. Identity project

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