What if...we could stop time


Student work (BHSAD Moscow)


For this project I had to make book with anusual theme in anusual format. My theme is about time, as it has a lot of possibilities
to tell story using all kind of metamorphoses happening due to distortion of time.
I decided to tell story about real destination of time that people waste being very busy
to turn around and live in a present. This story is about little girl and her father physicist,
who wants to build time machine. In my story space without time begins to collapse
and world starts to roll up, that is why I decided to use special material to make format
of my book unusual. I used special fabric, which you can rumple and then smooth out.
I have made screen print on this fabric and I thank it supplements the idea of rolling
up world.

As a real book my book has cover that works as a storage as well. It is a small
suck into which I placed my rumpling book..




  1. Distortion of time
  2. Screenprinting, linocut, drawing
  3. Screenprinting
  4. Book about tme
  5. Image Title
  6. Image Title

Other Works

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    Cath Kidston)
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  16. Identity project

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